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Safe Rooms / Securing Valuables


Protecting Valuables Through Concrete Concealment: 

Now more then ever people are deciding that they want to have direct control and custody of their valuables.  These valuables may range from Important Documents, Digital Media, Precious Metals, Guns & Ammo, or even Family Heirlooms. With this control, concerns regarding Fire, Theft, Concealment, Protection against Natural Disasters, and Personal Safety arise.  Simply purchasing a safe for you valuables is only offering false security. A couple of things to think about; If an intruder were to enter your home and found your safe, where would their focus be?  I can attest from past experience that the side walls of large gun type safes are easily compromised allowing access to its contents.  When threatened with violence against a family member, I am sure we would open the safe rather then risk harm to a loved one.  Is the fire rating and waterproof properties enough to ensure safety of your valuable paper items?  The first and most important step in protecting your valuables is Concealment.

We are proud to offer a unique solution to our customers! 

You know what you would like to protect. Total Masonry LLC has the know-how, equipment, & the methods to ensure the safety of those valuables.  You may ask: "Why would I disclose to someone that I have valuables and where I want to keep them"?   Our process is to work with owner find an optimal location for concealment.  Owner then acquires a safe suitable in size and function for its contents.  (Total Masonry will help guide you through the process of finding the right safe for your needs and at no time is given access to methods of opening the safe).  We will then discreetly install your safe including any needed excavation, cutting, waterproofing, encasement in reinforced concrete, & anchoring.  The only way into the safe (if it is found) is through the door and only you know the combination or the contents!


Protecting People With FEMA Approved Safe Rooms:

The purpose of a safe room is to provide a space where you, your family, or employees can survive a tornado or hurricane with little or no injury. Most structures, even new ones constructed according to modern building codes, do not provide adequate protection for occupants seeking life-safety protection from tornadoes.
Building owners should ask themselves several questions when considering whether to install a safe room:
• What is my risk of tornadoes and/or hurricanes?
• What existing refuge options do I have if a tornado or hurricane occurs in my location? 
• What level of safety am I comfortable with?
• How feasible is it to construct a safe room, and what are the costs?

On the basis of 60 years of tornado history and more than 150 years of hurricane history, the United States has been divided roughly into four zones that geographically reflect the number and strength of recorded extreme windstorms (Figure 2-7). As you can see, Southern MN lies in Zone IV, which has experienced some of the most and the strongest tornado activity in the nation.

Total Masonry Can Help Protect Yourself and Family Against Tornadoes!

We are extremely qualified and knowledgeable in the construction of FEMA Approved Safe Rooms.  These rooms can be incorporated into new construction or as an additional safeguard in existing homes.  There are also funds available for construction of these rooms.  As of January 2014, FEMA grant programs have provided over $928,000,000 in Federal funds to design and construct nearly 25,000 residential and over 2,300 community safe rooms in 25 States and territories.  

CONTACT US regarding construction of your family's Safe Room

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